Points to consider when choosing gutter guard

When comparing gutter guards please consider the following:

Choose a system “That Actually Works”. When choosing a gutter guard system it is easy to be bewildered with the choices. Some systems sit in the gutter and do a good job of keeping the leaves out of the gutter however they keep the leaves on top of them where they build up and decompose then fill your gutters up with silt, most of these products don’t allow you to clean the gutter without removing them.

Other systems cannot fit in the valleys of your roof, bear in mind that if a valley overflows the water will be flowing straight into your house.

Yet more gutter guards copy our system with a thicker mesh, don’t be fooled by sales talk that a thicker mesh will perform better, from our studies a thicker mesh presents more material for leaves to become stuck on and performs less well. The Australian Leafscreener system hasn’t been the most effective system available since 1989 for no good reason.

Other people will tell you that smaller or larger holes are more effective, our hole size is small enough to keep gum nuts and other detritus out whilst big enough not to become clogged.

The Australian sun is very harsh on materials, cheaper plastics will suffer from a problem known as UV embrittlement. Most plastics left in the sun for 12 months or so will turn brittle and break up, rendering them useless. Our polyethylene mesh is guaranteed for 15 years against UV embrittlement and the aluminium mesh is expected to last longer. Our polyethylene has been used since 1989, so when we give a 15 year guarantee we know it lasts at least that long, to our knowledge no other company has been installing polyethylene mesh for as long.

Please have a look at some of the pictures of our installations by clicking the link at the top of the page. We are sure you'll agree, this is a gutter guard system......that actually works!

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(08) 7111-0722 or email info@exceed.com.au for all enquiries and a free no obligation quote.

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